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Nov 8, 2012 12:00am PST
. leslie brinkley is there in the drive-thru lane where she is surrounded by tents. leslie? >> reporter: it is awfully cold to be camping out here, but people are curled up with their laptops and their generators out here. as you said, they are in the drive through lane of this new chick-fil-a. they are quite intense, these devoted fans of the chicken chain who got here at 5:30 on wednesday morning for a 24-hour marathon. the first 100 people that claimed wrist bands and stayed overnight get a bonus. >> we will get 52 free meals. >> reporter: in the meantime, there is a dj, free food and the comradery of camping on cement. >> are you cadeing? are you kidding? this makes 27 for me. i travel all over the country for chick-fil-a. >> i had a couple of people from florida show up as well just to be here and camp out for 24 hours to get the free chick-fil-a for a year. >> reporter: but there are those who despise the chicken chain for the public anti-gay stance the founder took this summer. so for this restaurant's grand opening thursday morning, there will be protesters. on their facebook pa
Nov 1, 2012 12:00am PDT
brinkley is live in the castro tonight. hi, leslie. >> hi. it may be raining on this parade known as halloween in the castro, but it was a beautiful day to be a giants fan in san francisco. it was a challenge to be a giants fan trying to get back home. this is the line for the vallejo ferry. it wound for blocks along the embarcadero. how long was the wait? >> really long. >> miles long. but it was all well worth it. >> the ferries were so congested some resorted to busing passengers. no one complained. even those in crowded bart stations. >> this is bart. this is what we do. we wait for it. >> we prepare for the crowd and we just go with it. >> it was actually better than 2010. >> in what way? >> shorter. easier to get on the bart train. >> nothing easy about the clean up. >> it's a mess, but well worth it. >> everything from confetti to cups to cans littered market street and civic center plaza. garbage to some. gold to others. >> i saw a lot of people collecting the confetti. i saw a guy on ebay willing to buy it for a lot of money. >> by night fall giants mania more -- morphed
Nov 29, 2012 12:00am PST
advice to people living in the danger zone. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has that and the parents of both young victims. >> my daughter was not where she was supposed to be. i begged and pleaded with her to stay off the streets of oakland. she was supposed to be at a friend's house. you know, it is bad out there in oakland right now. >> 15-year-old raquel and her 16-year-old friend bobbie were gunned down here on this east oakland street corner early sunday morning as a car drove a just worship -- for all of the parents out there, worship every moment you can with your children. you never know when they will be gone. >> just two and a half miles away from the murder scene in this elementary school residents gathered for a briefing by police about how to protect themselves. >> well, we have had a spike in crime. more armed robberies, more brazen broad daylight attacks, and so people are more concerned. people have been held up in front of their homes and on their doorsteps in broad daylight at the bus stop. >> there was even a session for nonenglish speakers. >> there is a percepti
Nov 15, 2012 12:00am PST
permission from the church. leslie brinkley is live at st. francis cabrini church to explain why he had that kind of permission. >> that's exactly the question being asked by a lot of people here tonight. you can see the church behind me, the school adjacent to it. i talked to a lot of parents as they came out to pick up kids tonight. they knew nothing about this incident. no e-mails and no information from the school. on the other hand parishioners askeus to please leave the property which we promptly did. here is the background. >> 51-year-old mark christopher worked as a volunteer at the st. francis school festival last month according to our media partner, the san jose media news. someone recognized him as sex offender and notified a santa clara deputy on site. but he wasn't arrested because he had a letter with written permission from a church official to be there. he is a registered sex offender who had reached a plea deal with the d.a. for molesting a young relative more than a decade ago. but he was at the school festival working the sound system with little to no supervision wi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4